The GreenApp is an ERP (Integrated Management System) covering the main areas of business. It consists of modules that can be licensed gradually. The work of the engineering team involves the art of designing a product so that it is easy to use, so that it fits the user's satisfaction and meets the business objectives. To reach this level, we invested over a decade in development, applying academic concepts in practice, this process resulted in GreenApp product.

 Freight carriers

Organize your carrier, fleet maintenance, documentation, tax and financial system in an integrated manner.

TMS Presentation (pt-BR)

 People carriers

Issuing CTe-OS has never been so quick and easy from anywhere to manage your entire business or issue the necessary documents.

CTeOS Presentation (pt-BR)

 Service providers

Organize work orders from entry to completion integrated with your finances, schedule and documents.

OS Presentation (pt-BR)

 Mechanical Workshops

Your machine shop with control of your orders and service integrated with financial, issuing tax documents and agenda.

Presentation (pt-BR)

 Medical clinics

Software to manage your medical clinics with control of your medical appointments integrated with financial, issuance of tax documents and schedule.

 Law Offices

Software to manage the activities of a law firm, with modules to control its processes integrated with financial and accounts payable.

 Mechanical Workshops

Software to manage retail stores, financial management with financial statement between modules.

 Wholesale and distributors

Software to manage distributors, financial management with financial statement between modules.

 Retail and Wholesale

Software para gerenciar venda de atacado e varejo, gestão financeiras com demonstrativo financeiro entre de módulos.

 You in control!

Customize the modules according to your management! Check out our ready-made options or we have created one just for you.


Trust GreenApp designed to be flexible - to support any size business


Innovation is the oxygen that drives and inspires the discovery of new technologies. We focus our attention on constant updates to add more benefits to the platform.


Our team is what makes us different, is our most important capital. There were more than a decade of expertise in investment to deliver service excellence.


Increase the performance of your company with visibility and control. With the right information, you can solve the problems in decision-making quickly and fidelity.


An elegant solution, intuitive and easy user interaction, which requires less training and increases system usage rates within the company.


Mobility is extremely important, the information straight need to have high availability. Therefore the focus is to develop solutions that work on any platform, including Windows, Linux, Mac etc.


We take care of the security of your information. The GreenApp uses the same security technology that online banks, ensuring safe traffic and storage of all data from your company.

The channels are exclusive to serve companies established in Brazil

The team GreenApp answer any questions or gathered up with you. Do not hesitate to contact us, we want to hear your voice.


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